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  laminated panel with fingerjoint

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Oak boules & sawn timber :

Our oak comes from own forest exploitations : direct from the forest to you as a customer.

We buy logs from state forests and from private owners. After many years of experience we know the good regions.
We have permanent teams of harvesters, loggers and transporters.

All logs are debarked (to avoid the risk on worm), after sawing we condition and dry in our own company in Maasmechelen (Hout Service NV).
Having the entire process in-house we are sure about the quality and we can offer competitive prices. We offer fresh, air dried or kiln dried.


Optimal storage, conditioning and drying garantees best quality :


Wood deserves the best care you can give it.

That’s the reason we built a unique space-saving & efficient storage and drying system.

All wood is properly stacked 80 cm above the ground on big pallets (50 tons) to air dry in the wind and then kiln dry in our kilns. A unique internal transport system moves these pallets quickly to the desired zone: fast drying zone / slow drying zone / protected zone / kilns ...

We determine the right place in function of the weather conditions, the type of wood, the thickness and the moisture content. We dry maximally in the wind, but can control by moving the pallets, to avoid cracks in dry periods and discolorations in humid periods. We strive to put the wood in the drying kiln, only when the fiber saturation point is reached. This gives optimal results both for the physical properties of the dried wood and in terms of cost. All wood is stacked under roof, protected from wind, sun and rain.

This way of working is very ECO-friendly and delivers the best conditions to dry your wood.

The system is developed in-house and is based on years of experience.

We take care of our own wood but also condition and dry wood for third parties.


Cut to your specifications :

For optimization of your specific needs, good planning is strongly preferred, so that we can deliver exactly according to your wishes. Selection is then already made in the forest and the logs are sawn on your preferred thicknesses, lengths, widths and quality. The boules can be delivered fresh sawn or further conditioned, dried and stored in the most ideal conditions, for delivery on demand. 




Oak boules :

All boules have an internal number. So we get a perfect traceability for us as well as for the end customer. At DB Hardwoods, we work with a transparent and objective price system: every boule is different. Therefore, each boule gets a price in function of its quality and its diameter. This makes it possible to make clear agreements with you as a customer, it also allows a simple and correct valuation of the stock.
If the customer passes us exactly what he wants to get delivered, we deliver an overview of the available inventory from which he can choose.


Oak boules : 




   Staircase quality :


   Thickness : 27, 42, 52, 65, 80 mm

   Diameter : 45 / 50 / 55 cm and wider  

   Length : 3m50 /+, mostly 4m00 /+


   Quality : first log 




   Furniture quality :


   Thickness : 20, 27, 32, 42, 52  mm

   Diameter : 40 / 45 cm and wider  

   Length : 3m50 /+


   Quality : first log 





Oak edged



   Square edged mixed grade :


    Thickness : 27, 42 en 52 mm

   Width : 10 cm and wider

   Long lengths : 1m80 - 4m00


   Quality : QF2 and better

   average 20% 1°/1bis, 60% 1bis/2°, 20% rustic grade






Oak for flooring


    Fixed widths for flooring / planking :


     Thickness : 27 mm

    Width : 210 mm

    Lengths : 2m00 – 4m00


    Thickness :  20 mm

    Width :  160 - 180 - 220 mm

    Lengths : 2m00 – 2m50


    Quality : Rustic





Discover also a worthy alternative : Oak panels without fingerjoint.



Reasons to work with DB Hardwoods :


- we can deliver boules and sawn timber with the best physical characteristics because we dry in a optimized

  way (maximum controlled airdrying + kiln drying).

- you choose from our inventory the boules which meet your requirements.

- the price is in function of the quality.

- correct measurement.

- large inventory of 4,000 m3, stored in the most optimal conditions, always under roof.

- you are buying from us security, with peace of mind, we promise what we can do.